“Saved me upwards of seventy percent on my insurance.”

David Greer, Owner
DG&E Logging Corporation
Jonesboro, LA

“Hi. My name is David Greer, owner of DG&E Logging Corporation here in Jonesboro, Louisiana. I switched my insurance to American Loggers Insurance. They came down to me and installed fire suppression systems on my machines, and saved me upwards of seventy percent on my insurance. Their machines are covered day and night with the systems here. They are very well easy to maintain and gives me good security even when I’m laying in bed sleeping at night…that my machines will be covered if anything goes wrong.”

“I had one installed on a feller buncher this winter, and now we’re doing four other machines.”

Sherbey Morris, Owner
Morris Logging, Inc
Fort Kent, ME

When your insurance agent shows up in a helicopter to respond to a claim at Rowe Lake, that’s first class service.  American Loggers Fire Suppression saved our CAT Buncher from major fire damage.” Special thanks to Tim Varney, Peter Collins from Southworth Milton CAT and John Evans from Milton CAT Road Service. 

I became involved with them earlier this winter on the fire suppression side, and got in contact with them through Varney’s Insurance. They’ve been very good for us for logging, as far as insurance goes. We’re a full service logging contractor. We do chipping, tree length harvesting, road building, and trucking. I’ve been in business for thirty-seven years, and we have, approximately, twelve full time employees and about eight subcontractors under us. We appreciate everything that the Varney Insurance company has done for us, and we hope to continue to do business with them in the future.”

American Logger Fire Suppression American Logger Fire Suppression